TOPIC: GNSS seismology

DATE: 17th/18th February 2024

HOST: La Sapienza – University of Rome

LOCATION: Rome, Italy


PARTICIPATION: groups of 4 or 5 participants

RECOMMENDED ABILITIES: GNSS, thematic awareness, data analysis, GIS, data visualization, development of mobile (Android OS) or web applications, graphic design, entrepreneurship, software development, marketing, or just curiosity for GNSS seismology and fantasy to share.

The hackathon has been focusing on methods and techniques of GNSS seismology.

The widest variety of problems and applications which can benefit of these methods and techniques have been addressed, with a special attention to real-time solutions and to ground shakings due to anthropogenic activities, as Earth crust tremors/shallow earthquakes related to induced seismicity caused by mining activities or underground excavations. Also, the fruitful integration of GNSS with other sensors were considered.

Two challenges were open, in order to attract both coding experts and other interested and enthusiastic people.



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