The UPWr MSc students Sebastian Makuch and Dorota Włodarczyk are on training in TU Delft from 26 April till 12 May 2024 working with the team of prof. Ramon Hanssen and Dr. Freek van Leijen.
Sebastian already performed a very successful 2-week training in TU Wien in January 2024 with Dr. Gregor Moeller and his UPWr supervisor prof. Witold Rohm. In Delft Sebastian is enhancing his knowledge on satellite orbit simulations.
Currently Sebastian is collaborating on the OPUS project funded by the Polish “Three-dimensional integrated observations of the troposphere using ground and satellite GNSS observations” led by prof. Rohm.
Dorota is interested in vegetation and forest density determination.
She has experience on the topic working with Dr. Kamila Pawluszek-Filipiak on an ESA-funded project last year. In this project she worked on deforestation classification for Nigeria using Sentinel-2 and Landsat data.
Currently she is working with her UPWr supervisor Prof. Grzegorz Józków on density determination for the forests around Wroclaw, Poland, integrating Sentinel-1 and LiDAR data.