We are delighted to announce the first release of MultiDEFusion – an open-source library dedicated to the Fusion of Multi geodetic techniques ensuring long-term observations of ground DEFormation.

The software, developed in a Python environment, enables the integration of permanent GNSS observations together with InSAR radar data. The MultiDEFusion library expands the existing approach of integrating geodetic observations introduced in the  article Tondaś et al., 2023, by allowing the simultaneous application of three InSAR computational methods: DInSAR, SBAS, and PSI. Furthermore, radar observations can be derived from three independent orbits with the possibility of implementing 9 elements (pixels or PS points) for each computational method.

The core of the MultiDEFusion library relies on the Kalman filter algorithm, which produces a time series of calculated parameters. Additionally, it provides an interactive graph feature, enabling users to perform a detailed evaluation of the obtained results. The library can be installed in the Python environment using the “pip install multidefusion” command. Detailed software documentation (including reference to the trial data set) is available at https://damiantondas.github.io/multidefusion/.

We welcome feedback, contributions, and collaborations from the community to further enhance and improve MultiDEFusion.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.