Iwona Kudłacik was awarded a doctoral degree by Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences on on 16th Nov 2023 for her impactful thesis, “Research on natural and anthropogenic seismicity with high-frequency GNSS observations.”

Supervised by Dr. Jan Kapłon and Dr. Grzegorz Lizurek, Kudłacik’s research, presented across four scientific publications, introduced methods to detect low-magnitude anthropogenic earthquakes using high-rate GNSS time series. Her innovative approach expanded GNSS seismology’s scope, particularly for mining-induced seismic events, beyond its traditional focus on large natural earthquakes or bridge vibrations.

Engaged in EPOS-PL, EPOS-PL+, and GATHERS projects, Kudłacik’s collaborations with Professor Mattia Crespi’s team at Sapienza University of Rome since 2019, along with two completed internships, enhanced her research prowess.

Congratulations from your GATHERS family!

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