as not simply a programming marathon but as a tool to build a bridge to human mobility needs

The first GATHERS hackathon which will be held online on 10-11 April 2021 has a wider goal than the typical long-lasting programming challenge. The core of the event is built around one of the newfangled branched of geodesy, namely GNSS-seismology. This is a novel technique which aims to enlarge the area of application of the satellite navigation systems in help of seismological monitoring and prevention. The improving capabilities and preciseness of the real-time GNSS measurements bring more and more appearance on different stages of Earth monitoring. GATHERSHACK will be focused on two main problems. The first one will be devoted to the designing of valuable app and services using the VADASE approach for measuring real-time velocities generated by smartphones.


The second goal of this hackathon is the creative challenge that aims to search for event more broader fields of application of the velocity measurements. The main question is how the knowledge of real-time velocity could support not only the study of natural and man-made hazards, but the society in more general meaning, like human mobility, vehicles tracking, sport statistics. What could be the other areas of everyday life that can benefit of this knowledge? The desirable crown of the hackathon is to join the two group of participants and to build a bridge between the creation and implementation of the ideas.


The event is hosted by La Sapienza University of Rome in the frames of the GATHERS Horizon 2020 research and innovation program funded by European Union and managed by the Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences (UPWr). The mentors team gathers experts from different fields who have experience in GNSS, seismology, hazards risk monitoring and social networking.

The event is open to Bachelor and Master students, PhD candidates and everyone else interested on programming, GNSS applications, human and resources mobility. The participation is fee-free but requires a registration on